Who are RollerGards for?

RollerGards are for anyone looking to protect your sharpening and get more out of their ice skates. Young or old, male or female, expert skater or beginner — if you love to skate you will love RollerGards!

What size will I need?

RollerGards are one-size-fits-most. Once you size your RollerGards to your     personal skate, you can then cut the excess skate guard off for a customized fit and optimal performance. We further explain this in our assembly video, which you can find a bit further down on this page. If you purchase your RollerGards at your local pro shop, an associate may be able to help you size and cut your RollerGards there.

Do RollerGard's need to be adjusted?

RollerGard's come out of the box ready to fit adult size 8 1/2 to 9 skate.   Any other size will need to be adjusted to fit the skate.  See instruction sheet below.

Does the rear wheel need to be placed under the heel of the skate boot?

Yes, If not you will need to adjust the rear wheel, axle, and strap.  See instruction sheet below.

What tool should I use to cut my RollerGards to fit?

First and foremost, cutting should only be done by an adult. We have found that the best tool for the job is a PVC pipe cutter, but if you don’t have one of those, any sharp saw or blade will work. Please be careful and use caution when cutting your RollerGards.

How big of a skate size can RollerGards and SuperGards fit?

RollerGards fit most skates. SuperGards will fit up to adult 11.5.

How do I size and assemble my RollerGards & SuperGards?

We thought you might ask that.  PDF

How do I put on my RollerGards?

This helpful video can answer that!

Can I use RollerGards with figure skates?

RollerGards are not designed to accommodate the blades of figure skates and should not be used with figure skates.  Roc-N-RollerGards are designed specifically for figure skates only.

Where can I buy RollerGards in the US?

Click here to view a list of our retailers.

Where can I buy RollerGards in other Countries, not the US?

Click here to view a list of our international distributors.

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Contact your local dealer for replacement parts, or head over to our Accessories page to view our replacement parts.

What makes SuperGard different from other skate guards?

The quality materials and innovative engineering of the SuperGard are above and beyond any skate guard on the market.   See video here.

What types of surfaces can I skate on with my RollerGards?

RollerGards are equipped with a durable 89A compound, indoor/outdoor wheel, so anywhere there is a solid flat surface you can use your RollerGards — concrete, blacktop, sidewalk, over cracks, etc.  They don't fall off!  Have fun!

Do RollerGards have a weight limit? What about SuperGards?

We recommend RollerGards for skaters who weigh 200 lb. or less. There is no weight limit for SuperGards.