What began as a simple concept for a rolling skate guard, quickly grew into RollerGard, a world wide brand of innovative hockey and figure skate guards. RollerGard, "A Skate Guard Company."


Our RollerGards offer premium wheel bearing technology to provide a smooth ride, even off the ice.

Drainage Holes

With the side drainage holes we keep the water away from your blades to keep them looking new for years. 

Floating Blade

Our patented design keeps your blades from ever touching the bottom of your skate guard, so your skates stay sharper longer.

"We wanted to use the best skate blade protection in the industry for our players and I think we achieved that with RollerGard."

Jim Johansson - Former General Manager, USA National Teams

"I knew these were the best skate guards out there, all the other ones just cover the blade, but RollerGard protects the ice blade, big difference."

Chris Chelios - NHL Hall of Famer

"RollerGards save my teams money and time. I highly recommend every coach make them a requirement."

Nick Lidstrom - NHL Hall of Famer